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Bishops' Statements

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Title Created Date
Texas Catholic Conference Statement on Immigration Executive Order Dec 12, 2014
Texas Bishops Endorse Lawsuits Defending Religious Freedom May 22, 2012
Texas Bishops Support True, Comprehensive Women’s Health Program Mar 7, 2012
Texas Bishops Urge Texas Delegation to Oppose HHS Mandate Feb 7, 2012
Texas Catholic Bishops Applaud Appeals Court's Upholding of Sonogram Law Jan 11, 2012
Texas Bishops Disappointed in Federal Court Ruling on Sonogram Law Sep 8, 2011
Texas Catholic Bishops Express Disappointment at House Passage of HB 12 May 10, 2011
Catholic Health Care in Texas Mar 3, 2011
Texas Interfaith Leaders’ Statement on Immigration Legislation in the 82nd Texas Legislature Mar 2, 2011
Texas Bishops Express Solidarity with Brother Bishops in Mexico Oct 7, 2010
Health Care Must Place Poor, Vulnerable First, say Texas Bishops Oct 27, 2009
Texas Bishops Issue Precautions Regarding Swine Flu (H1N1) Apr 28, 2009
Joint Statement from Bishop Kevin Farrell and Bishop Kevin Vann Oct 13, 2008
Statement concerning the appearance of Senator Hillary Clinton at St. Mary's University Feb 12, 2008
Texas Bishops Respond to Amnesty International Oct 8, 2007
Texas Bishops' Statement on Coal Fired Plants Apr 15, 2007
Texas Bishops' Statement on the HPV Vaccine Mandate Apr 15, 2007
End-of-life Decisions Require Respect for Human Life Apr 15, 2007
Pastoral Statement by the Catholic Bishops of Texas on Immigration Reform Legislation (H.R. 4437) Jan 23, 2006
Statement by the Catholic Bishops of Texas on Proposition 2 Sep 29, 2005
Statement by the Catholic Bishops of Texas On Human Embryos and Human Cloning May 25, 2005
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