Public Policy

As the public policy arm of the Texas Bishops, we work to improve laws that have moral and social effects.

Legislative Agenda Topics:

Our work is guided by Catholic teaching and statewide ministry. Learn more about how we work to improve Texas laws:

Life & Family Life

We defend innocent life and promote strong, stable, and healthy families.


We seek laws which are targeted, proportional, and humane.

Restorative Justice

We seek mercy to achieve restitution and protect the common good.


We advance education's civic, moral, and economic benefits for all children.

Religious Liberty

We defend the right to freely worship and live our faith in the public square.

Social Concerns

We defend those in poverty and help them rise to self-sufficiency.


We seek the prudent stewardship of creation for the sake of future Texans.


We support care that upholds the dignity and transcendence of every human.

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