To ensure students in Texas' Catholic schools reach academic excellence and experience quality faith formation, the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops Education Department (TCCB ED) provides an accreditation program, which is recognized by the state’s Texas Education Agency (TEA).

The accreditation program focuses on school improvements and accountability. It is intended to strengthen Catholic school mission and identity, and to engage Catholic schools in the ongoing improvement of student academic performance.

Member schools begin the accreditation process with a criteria-based self-study where school leadership examine specific aspects of school life including Catholic Identity, Operational Vitality, Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Support Services and Plant and Facilities.

An accreditation team is comprised of educators from other schools who are trained in the accreditation process. During a three-day visit, the accreditation team uses TCCB ED standards to evaluate the school. They complete a Visiting Team Consensus Report (VTCR) which details the strengths and areas that need attention.

The VTCR is assigned to a member of the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops Accreditation Commission, which consists of two bishops, six commissioners at large, and six current Catholic school superintendents.

The commissioner reviews the school’s self-study and presents the findings of the Visiting Team committee and then to the Commission as a whole.

The school is assigned an accreditation status and receives an Accreditation Status Report. The report defines what needs to be addressed in periods of 90 days, one year and three years.

Each Catholic school is accredited every seven years and provides annual reports for continued school accreditation.

The Catholic schools in Texas, through the TCCB ED, function within a larger community of educators. TCCB-ED has a formal relationship not only with the state of Texas’ TEA, but is also a member of the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission. TEPSAC helps ensure quality in private schools by monitoring and approving organizations that accredit non-public elementary and secondary schools in the state of Texas.