Catholic Advocacy Day March 26, 2019

If you can't make it to the Capitol on Tuesday, go to and let your legislators know you are supporting the TCCB agenda and bill priorities!

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Join Catholics and bishops from every diocese in Texas for a rally on the south steps of the Capitol.

March 26, 11:30 a.m.

Learn about the bills we are supporting, especially these bills at a critical juncture:

Life and Family Life
HB 1685 | SB 2160 | HB 2350 These “trigger ban” bills would allow Texas to prohibit abortion when the United States Supreme Court overrules, in whole or in part, Roe v. Wade, or issues a decision recognizing the authority of the states to prohibit abortion, or if the United States adopts a Constitutional amendment restoring to states the authority to prohibit abortion. The TCCB supports this bill to allow Texas to prohibit abortion to the extent allowed under US Supreme Court precedent.

Private School Student Protection Package
SB 1231 | HB 2740 provides all schools, public and private, with access to the results of state investigations into misconduct by school staff. This gives all schools the information needed to ensure accountability for misconduct.
SB 1256 | HB 2738 Protects both public and private Texas schoolchildren by allowing all schools access to a TEA do-not-hire registry and by expanding the scope of the registry to include all school personnel.
SB 1230 | HB 2739 Expands reporting requirements to require misconduct by public or private school staff members — not just certified teachers — must be reported.

HB 3 | SB 4 This comprehensive school finance bill would affect school finance in numerous ways. Importantly, it would provide increased funding for pre-Kindergarten, low-income students, English language learners and disabled students. It also would provide funding for educators who help students succeed and would phase out several system-centered funding elements. The TCCB supports this bill to expand educational opportunities for all Texas children through student-centered school funding that is responsive to demographics.
Restorative Justice

HB 1323 | SB 628 Under current law, individuals arrested may be held in prison until their trial if they do not pay bail, and the amount of bail does not depend upon the arrested person’s danger to society. As a result, many poor defendants who cannot afford bail are incarcerated before they ever receive a trial. This bill reforms the bail system to ensure the amount of bail is determined by whether an arrested person is a danger to the community or a flight risk. The TCCB supports this bill, which corrects an injustice under which the poor suffer.