Bishops speak on winter storm repercussions

The bishops of Texas issued the following statement regarding the situation in Texas predicated by winter storms:

We are grateful for the outpouring of concern from around the world for all who have been affected by the severe weather conditions in Texas. The generosity of Texans who are reaching out to help their neighbors, even while they are also managing their own needs, is truly edifying. We affirm the state leaders who are now paying attention to the underlying pre-existing conditions which have exacerbated the suffering of so many.

Please continue to pray with us for those who have died and been injured; for the first responders and utility workers who are going beyond professional expectations; for the restoration of power, water and food supplies; and for those who face the task of rebuilding and repairing their homes and businesses, as well as our damaged churches and parish facilities, even while all are attempting to remain safe from the coronavirus. May Our Lady of Guadalupe wrap us in her mantle of protection, especially the poor who are disproportionately impacted.

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There are 20 active ordinary and auxiliary bishops, who shepherd approximately 8.5 million Catholics living in Texas, about 30% of the total population.