Education is a parent's primary right and duty, and the state should support parents as they work to fulfill their obligation.


The family is the sanctuary of life, in which parents teach children how they ought to live. Thus, the education of children is a primary right and serious duty of parents, and the state participates in education with the parents’ consent. Moreover, the central focus of public financing for education should always be the good of children. Therefore, the TCCB supports expanded educational opportunities for Texas parents and students.

We publish brief summaries of the specific reforms in state law that we seek. Learn more below.

Education Choice

Educational choice supports parents as they find the best education for their child, which provides opportunity for all students.

Educator Misconduct

Legislative reforms in 2017 increased student safety and we seek to close remaining loopholes to ensure transparency & accountability.

School Finance

A 2018 special commission offered good recommendations to fund excellence in public schools and help the most vulnerable students.

School Autonomy

We amend bills as needed to prevent undue regulation on private schools that would burden Texas students and families.

Access to College

Universities offer civic, economic, and moral benefits, and Tuition Equalization Grants help low-income families access those benefits.


Access to high-quality PK helps parents fulfill their obligation to educate their children. We support improved access for vulnerable students.

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Legislative Agenda

Our work to improve state law is guided by Catholic teaching and statewide ministry.
There are eight topics on our legislative agenda:

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