Serving the Church in Texas

Legislative Agenda Topic 4: Education

Photo courtesy of St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School in Austin, Texas (2018)

The family is the sanctuary of life in which parents teach children how they ought to live. Moreover, the education of children is a primary right and serious duty of parents. As such, the state participates in education with the parents’ consent. Moreover, the central focus of public financing for education should always be the good of children.

Therefore, the TCCB supports expanded educational opportunities for Texas parents and students. Please use this page to learn more about the TCCB's specific agenda items and to contact your legislator. If you have questions about this policy agenda item, please contact us!


Please use these tabs to learn more about the 7 items on the education agenda, which are that the TCCB:

  1. supports parental choice in education, including tax credit scholarships;
  2. supports measures ensuring all children have the benefit of a safe school environment, whether public or private;
  3. supports creating a do-not-hire registry of persons barred from school employment due to misconduct with students or minors;
  4. supports student-based education finance that is responsive to student demographics;
  5. supports the autonomy of private institutions;
  6. supports increased funding for tuition equalization grants; and
  7. supports access to Pre-Kindergarten, and before- or after-school child care.
1. School choice
2-3. Educator misconduct
5. Private school autonomy
6. Tuition Equalization Grants
7. Pre-kindergarten