HB 3347: Support before- and after-school care

Michael Barba
Associate Director of Public Policy

The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops supports HB 3347.

Analysis and Recommendation. Under HB 3347, the board of trustees of a school district can establish before-school and after-school programs for students in Elementary or Middle school. The programs would be maintained through public-private partnerships, and HB 3347 effectively makes programs available to all Texas families who wish to enroll their child in them. We hope that these programs will create opportunities for before- and after-school programs in which children will be cared for in safe environments that also foster learning and excellence.

We offer one suggestion to improve the bill. Page 1, line 10 indicates that the bill will establish before- and after-school programs for all elementary and middle school students. In addition, Page 1, line 24 allows school districts to contract with child care facilities, as defined by the Human Resources Code (HRC).[1] However, HRC excludes programs that serve only 7th and 8th graders. Broadening the language would allow a district to contract with any child-care facility that maintains before-school or after-school programs for students in elementary and middle school students.

[1] Texas Human Resources Code, Sec. 42.002(20)