Serving the Church in Texas

Legislative Agenda Topic 5: Healthcare


While modern science has given rise to nearly miraculous cures for human illnesses, it may also be used to destroy life. Thus, modern medicine should continually orient its work toward the dignity and transcendence of every human. To foster this, the TCCB promotes health and healthcare access in accord with the principles of bioethics. Specifically, the TCCB:

  • supports healthcare which respects patient dignity and physician conscience;
  • support access to palliative care and monitor changes to the advance directive act;
  • supports increased access to health insurance and healthcare, such as through Medicaid and CHIP;
  • supports studies of maternal mortality and morbidity, and efforts to improve the health of Texas mothers;
  • supports preventative care and enhanced health education to help patients play a greater role in their health; and
  • supports increased access to treatment for addiction.