Learning about fair lending

As followers of Jesus Christ, we care for our neighbors who experience poverty in its various forms. The Church provides for the poor and the vulnerable in our charitable ministries; justice demands that we also prioritize them in public policy advocacy, including addressing how usurious loans disproportionately impact the poor and vulnerable.

The Ordinance

The Ordinance is a powerful story of how churches and nonprofits are partnering to influence their local governments for the common good. In a time when political disillusionment is growing, this story serves as an important example of how the best, and worst, of our political system can unite a community.

Suitable for adults through middle school students.

Teaching students about fair lending

Students are invited to participate in a mock hearing at Advocacy Day in Austin on March 28, 2023. Links to resources on the payday lending are also provided. Feel free to develop your own lesson plans based on the age groups of your students.