SB 22: stop subsidizing abortion providers

Testimony provided by Jennifer Carr Allmon

Senate Bill 22 will protect tax payers from subsidizing abortion providers through preferential contracts and property deals. Time and time again the people of Texas have made it abundantly clear that our citizens have a tremendous respect for unborn human life. This bill ensures that our tax dollars are not used in violation of the most basic principle of our union, that all people are guaranteed a right to life.

As our legislature seeks to reform property taxes and fund essential services of local and state government, now is the time to prohibit the misdirected use of local tax subsidy and support for abortion. Abortion is not healthcare, but instead is the intentional destruction of innocent human life, which ought never to be funded or subsidized by our tax dollars, directly or indirectly. Instead, our limited resources should be focused on education, public safety, and true healthcare, including the expansion of comprehensive community-based healthcare and alternatives to abortion such as adoption and parenting support programs.

SB 22 is yet another way that the State of Texas can express our profound respect for human life establish a stronger culture for life in Texas.