‘Great tragedy’ in Texas Panhandle calls for response

The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops recognizes the great tragedy unfolding in the panhandle region of Texas and Oklahoma, and asks for prayers and support for all.

"Our Catholic brothers and sisters are united with all who are suffering from the tragic wildfires," said Bishop Patrick Zurek of the Amarillo Diocese, where the wildfires are burning. "We are grateful to the firefighters and first responders for their work to save lives and contain the fires. The loss of life and livelihood for our families and neighbors in the Texas Panhandle is devastating, and we are blessed in the knowledge that our Catholic community is standing in solidarity with us."

Approximately 85% of the cattle raised in Texas, which provides food for the rest of the United States and the world, is being directly impacted by the fires. The Texas Catholic bishops encourage donations to Catholic Charities USA, which is coordinating with local agencies.