Texas bishops express gratitude for response to tragedy of Panhandle wildfires

AUSTIN — The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops opened their Spring meeting with a renewed expression of gratitude for all who are responding to wildfires in the state’s Panhandle, and prayers for those affected by the disaster. 

For four weeks a series of deadly wildfires have caused suffering across the region, with loss of life and property. The blazes were over a million acres and have now been contained. 

“We are grateful to the firefighters and first responders for their selfless work to save lives and contain the fires,” the bishops said. "We stand in solidarity with those who are suffering loss of life and livelihood in the Texas Panhandle.” 

Catholic Charities of the Texas Panhandle reports it has sufficient donated items. Monetary gifts, through Catholic Charities USA or other local organizations, are preferred as they are more flexible and can be applied to emergent needs as they are identified. 

“May those who are suffering physically and materially from the fires find comfort in our prayers and in the mercy and charity being offered to them,” the bishops said.  

Monetary donations may be sent to Catholic Charities of the Texas Panhandle and Catholic Charities USA.

The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops is the association of the Roman Catholic bishops of Texas. The TCCB represents 15 dioceses and 21 active bishops. Through the TCCB, the bishops provide a moral and social public policy voice, accredit the state's 

Catholic schools, and maintain archives that reflect the work and the history of the Catholic Church in Texas.