Know the facts: Immigrants in Texas

Immigrants make up 17% of Texas’ population. A coalition of mayors and business leaders have found the economic impact of immigrants to be positive on the US economy. Texas immigrants are far more likely to be of working age than the US-born population.

About 15% of non-citizens are eligible to receive legal status, but they often don’t have access to legal assistance or screening resources to seek relief.

Occupations with the highest share of foreign-born workers in Texas are: painters and maintenance work (60%), maids and housecleaning (60%), grounds maintenance (51%) and construction (50%). Businesses, workers, and customers all benefit from these relationships.

The U.S. detains about 400,000 people each yearmore than double the number detained in 2004.

Last federal fiscal year Texas resettled 7,803 refugees, taking about 10% of all refugees allowed into the United States in that time period.

More than 8 million people living in the United States are eligible to become US citizens; only about eight percent of them seek citizenship each year.