Job Opening: Staff Attorney

The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops is seeking applications for the position of Staff Attorney. Inquiries should email resumes and a writing sample related to something on the legislative agenda of the TCCB to Writing sample examples include a portion of an amicus brief, legislative testimony, public comment on a rule, or analysis of bill.

This is a full-time position in Austin that reports to the TCCB Executive Director and is responsible for collaboration among the (arch)dioceses of Texas especially related to diocesan institutional and legal issues.

Ministerial Character

The Archbishops and Bishops of the State of Texas (collectively the “Bishops”) are the visible principle and foundation of unity in the (arch)dioceses entrusted to them (collectively the “Church”).  In a unique and visible way, the Bishops make Christ’s mission present and enduring as shepherds of the Christian community.  In order to fulfill their mission, the Bishops formed the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops (the “TCCB”) and direct its staff to serve as the public policy voice of the Church in Texas and nationally, coordinate the accreditation and cooperation of Texas Catholic schools, and help preserve the documents and cultural history of the Church through the Catholic Archives of Texas.  The Bishops appoint an executive director who is responsible for employing staff to carry out those functions (the “Executive Director”).

Each position employed by the TCCB helps extend the ministry of the Bishops within the Church community in particular ways, as outlined in the job description.  Therefore, the employee in this position is closely connected to and assists the Bishops in the performance of their ministry, and thereby engages in ministry for the Church.

Job Summary

The Staff Attorney primarily analyzes legislation, statutes, and other law for the TCCB and assists the Executive Director in the legislative activities, communications, and advocacy functions of the TCCB. This is a full-time position that reports to the Executive Director and is responsible for collaboration among the (arch)dioceses of Texas especially related to diocesan institutional and legal issues. This is a salaried position with a moderate degree of independent judgment for actions consistent with agenda items previously approved by the Bishops and the directives of the Executive Director.  The Staff Attorney is an at-will employee of the TCCB.

Essential Job Duties

  • Assist the Executive Director in analyzing law affecting the Church and that benefits and fosters the Bishops before the Texas legislature and other Texas state agencies, and other Texas governmental bodies, including preparing and delivering public testimony and policy positions;
  • Collaborate with the Executive Director, legislative partners and diocesan directors for strategic policy planning and grass roots mobilization;
  • Assist with communicating with members of the Texas legislature, legislative partners, and Church leaders, regarding public policy positions of the Bishops;
  • Develop and analyze legislation, statutes, and rules and other law according to Catholic social teaching or institutional impacts on our ministry, including developing summaries and drafts of testimony, public comment, or public statements;
  • Prepare draft amicus briefs in collaboration with key partners and TCCB outside counsel;
  • Research and draft materials related to potential changes in liability or other impacts for diocesan ministry; and
  • Facilitate collaboration between the (arch)diocesan attorneys and TCCB. 

Knowledge Skills and Abilities 

  • Knowledge of Texas and federal legislative processes and procedures.
  • Knowledge of Catholic theology, particularly social and ethical teaching.
  • Knowledge of basic public policy issues of the Catholic Church.
  • Knowledge of Texas statutes.
  • Ability to read and analyze legislation.
  • Ability to educate others about Catholic church teaching and public policy issues.
  • Ability to work flexibility to accommodate the fast and unpredictable pace of the Texas legislature.
  • Ability to successfully manage events, projects, and committees.
  • Ability to serve as a congenial member of a team.
  • Skill in balancing complex relationships with members of the Texas legislature and other public officials.
  • Skill in communicating Catholic church teaching publicly and in individual conversations.
  • Skill in theological analysis of current affairs and their impact on public policy.
  • Skill in navigating the legislative process, rules, and procedures.
  • Skill in drafting briefs, legislation and public comments.

Minimum Qualifications


  • Four-year college degree from an accredited college or university in theology, political science, education, or closely related field of study.
  • Jurisprudence degree.


  • At least 1-year experience at the Texas Legislature as an advocate, staff member, or volunteer; or 
  • At least 1-year experience (volunteer or employed) in Catholic ministry at the parish or diocesan level.

Licenses / Certifications

  • Possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Be willing to register as a lobbyist with the Texas Ethics commission.
  • Licensed member of the State Bar of Texas.
  • Must: a)submit an Ethics and Integrity in Ministry (EIM) Application for Ministry within the first week of employment and be approved for ministry; b)authorize a criminal background check; c) participate in an EIM Basic Abuse Prevention Training workshop within 60 days of submitting a complete Application for Ministry; and d) maintain EIM compliance during the entire term of employment.

Catholic Requirement

  • Must be a practicing Catholic in good standing.

Mental / Physical Tasks: (E=Essential, M=Marginal)

E = Talking, Listening/hearing, Standing, Walking, Sitting, Grasping/holding/clutching, Moving heavy items, Driving vehicles, Using office equipment (i.e. stapler, copier), Using personal computer & keyboard, bending/stooping/crouching, Stretching/reaching/touching, Seeing, Reading and comprehending 

Working Conditions

  • All TCCB employees are engaged in ministry and closely tied to the Bishops in the exercise of the Bishops’ ministry and obligations to the TCCB.
  • As an integral part of your ministry for the Church as carried out in this position, support and uphold the philosophy of Catholic ministry and the mission of the TCCB in both professional and personal life.
  • Act as a witness to gospel values by modeling the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Continuously grow in your ministry by participating in religious ceremonies, training sessions, and reflection activities as directed.
  • Fast paced environment.
  • Smoke Free environment.
  • Operate a personal vehicle.
  • Walking, standing, and sitting for hours during legislative session and hearings.
  • Will be required to work occasional weekends and evening hours.
  • Moderate overnight travel