SB 20: ‘Great first step’ to prevent Texans from unintentionally subsidizing abortion

Jennifer Allmon

The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops supports SB 20.

We would like to thank Senator Taylor for filing this bill to prohibit abortion coverage on health benefits plans in the federal health benefit exchange program. We also applaud the provision which requires that individuals purchasing insurance be notified that coverage for abortion is optional and separate from their health benefit plan. Both provisions will increase transparency and allow insurance customers to make conscientious decisions.

The Texas Bishops are in strong opposition to the inclusion of abortion coverage in insurance plans, particularly those that are government funded or subsidized because it forces taxpayers or other ratepayers to contribute to ending unborn life.  This bill protects the conscience of individuals who do not wish to contribute insurance premiums to fund abortion.

We believe that the approach in SB 20 is a great first step toward reducing the number of Texans who are unintentionally subsidizing abortion coverage in Texas.  The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops supports this bill as an incremental step toward ending abortion in Texas.