Legislative Agenda Topic 1: Life & Family Life

San Angelo Bishop Michael Sis addresses Catholics about supporting pro-life legislation. (April 2017)

Human life is intrinsically valuable and should be protected by law from fertilization to natural death. Moreover, the family is the sanctuary of life in which parents teach children how they ought to live.

Therefore, the TCCB opposes direct threats to innocent human life and seeks to promote strong, stable, and healthy families. Please use this page to learn more about the TCCB's specific agenda items in the 86th legislative session and to contact your legislator.

If you have questions about this policy agenda item, please contact us!


Please use these tabs to learn more about the 7 specific items on the life & family life agenda, which are that the TCCB:

1. opposes abortion and euthanasia;
2. supports the elimination of all funding for abortion providers;
3. supports increased funding to abortion alternatives for expectant mothers;
4. supports the elimination of wrongful birth lawsuits;
5. supports proposals that recognize the sacredness, fidelity, and permanency of marriage;
6. supports an improved foster care system which respects subsidiarity through a community-based model; and
7. supports increased recruitment, formation, and support of foster, adoptive, and biological parents.

1. Defend life from abortion
2. Defund abortion
3. Fund life-affirming choices
4. Wrongful birth lawsuits
5. Marriage