Legislative Agenda Topic 6: Social Concerns

Social concerns

Texans have inherited remarkable economic opportunity, and employment arising from such opportunity has a special dignity. We are grateful for these gifts. However, shrewdness in acquiring wealth can be so highly praised that we forget the poor and vulnerable, who are our neighbors, and cannot be neglected in the work for the common good. Therefore, the TCCB seeks to assist those who are in the greatest need. Specifically, the TCCB:

  • supports initiatives that reduce marriage penalties in public assistance programs;
  • opposes usurious loans, especially payday and auto-title lending;
  • supports anti-poverty public assistance which incentivizes self-sufficiency;
  • supports efforts to assist in the care and support of persons with disabilities;
  • supports efforts to alleviate food insecurity and hunger, including through summer nutrition programs, school meals, and nutritional education; and
  • supports efforts to combat human trafficking, care for victims, and reunify families.
Predatory lending