With open arms, we welcome immigrants seeking the American dream, and we respect the enforcement of laws which preserve the common good.


Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in America are preserved by a government that is of, by, and for the people. This is the exceptional American heritage, and it has been charitably offered to the world’s oppressed and persecuted for over two centuries. The TCCB encourages its continuation, welcomes migrants embracing the American dream, and respects the enforcement of laws which preserve the common good.

We publish brief summaries of the specific reforms in state law that we seek. Learn more below.

Access to Services

We work to protect immigrants' access to I.D. cards, driver licenses, birth certificates, education, and healthcare.

Unaccompanied Minors

We support laws which provide appropriate care for unaccompanied children and offer alternatives to family detention.

Law Enforcement

Civil law should impose punishments proportional to an offense. Police should enforce laws humanely and target dangerous offenders.

Family Unity

We support laws and policies which seek to maintain or restore family unity outside of detention settings.

For resources related to Immigrants, Migrants, and Refugees and for ways to serve across Texas, visit our ministry page here

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Legislative Agenda

Our work to improve state law is guided by Catholic teaching and statewide ministry.
There are eight topics on our legislative agenda:

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