Serving the Church in Texas

Legislative Agenda Topic 7: Religious Liberty

Every person should have the ability to seek and act in accord with the truth. Yet today, religious liberty is under attack by the state. Such liberty is not only about our ability to worship by going to Mass on Sunday or praying the Rosary at home. Rather, it is about whether Christians can make our contribution to the common good of all Americans.

Therefore, the TCCB seeks to maintain and protect religious liberty. Please use this page to learn more about the TCCB's specific agenda items and to contact your legislator. If you have questions about this policy agenda item, please contact us!


Please use these tabs to learn more about the 3 items on the religious liberty agenda, which are that the TCCB:

  1. supports efforts to protect religious liberty, especially as it pertains to human life, marriage, and the family;
  2. supports conscience protections for individuals and organizations contracting with governments, especially healthcare providers, educators, and those who serve the poor and vulnerable; and
  3. supports incentives for charitable giving by taxpayers to programs maintained by faith-based nonprofit entities.
1. Protecting religious liberty
3. Taxes & charity