Religious Liberty

We seek to contribute to the common good of all Americans, but religious liberty is under attack.


The Church feeds the hungry; accompanies the lonely; comforts the sick, dying, and grieving; helps the addicted; gives aid to widows and orphans; shelters refugees; strengthens the fellowship between neighbors, citizens, and spouses; softens earthly justice with divine mercy; and inculcates the morality that a free nation needs to function. Yet today, religious liberty is under attack by the state. Such liberty is not only about our ability to worship by going to Mass on Sunday or praying the Rosary at home. Rather, it is about whether Christians can make our contribution to the common good of all Americans. Therefore, the TCCB seeks to maintain and protect religious liberty.

We publish brief summaries of the specific reforms in state law that we seek. Learn more below.

A Catholic View & State Law

Religious liberty helps us avoid civil conflicts over religious differences and allows religious people to worship freely and contribute to the common good.

Taxes & The Common Good

Civil law exists to help people live in peace, and therefore may provide tax exemptions to associations that help individuals act virtuously.

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Legislative Agenda

Our work to improve state law is guided by Catholic teaching and statewide ministry.
There are eight topics on our legislative agenda:

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