Life & Family

We oppose threats to innocent human life and promote strong, stable, and healthy families.


Human life is intrinsically valuable and should be protected by law from fertilization to natural death. Moreover, the family is the sanctuary of life in which parents teach children how they ought to live. Therefore, the TCCB opposes direct threats to innocent human life, from fertilization to natural death, and seeks to promote strong, stable, and healthy families.

We publish brief summaries of the specific reforms in state law that we seek. Learn more below.

Protecting Life

Only a U.S. Supreme Court ruling can end abortion, but much can be done in state law.

Defunding Abortion

While Texas has restricted state funding for abortion since 1997, loopholes remain.

Helping Parents

Texas' Alternatives to Abortion program has helped over 220,000 new parents care for their baby.

Wrongful Birth

In a wrongful birth lawsuit, a disabled child is considered a financial damage to his or her parents. This should end.

Supporting Marriage

We support state laws that that recognize the sacredness, fidelity, and permanency of marriage.

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Legislative Agenda

Our work to improve state law is guided by Catholic teaching and statewide ministry.
There are eight topics on our legislative agenda:

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