Serving the Church in Texas

Legislative Agenda Topic 3: Restorative Justice

A Catholic Deacon distributes the Eucharist to a death-row inmate. (2007)

In response to crime, Texas should uphold justice, with the goals of achieving restitution, protecting the common good, deterring offenses, and rehabilitating offenders.

However, our state struggles with over-incarceration and over-criminalization, which arise from the hardness that often accompanies earthly justice. Please use this page to learn more about the TCCB's specific agenda items in the 86th legislative session and to contact your legislator.

If you have questions about this policy agenda item, please contact us!


Please use these tabs to learn more about the 6 specific items on the restorative justice agenda, which are that the TCCB:

  1. opposes the imposition and use of the death penalty;
  2. supports bail reforms which depend upon the accused’s danger, not their wealth;
  3. supports rehabilitation of offenders who commit non-violent state jail felonies;
  4. supports raising the age of criminal responsibility for 17-year-olds;
  5. supports parole board review of lengthy sentences given to juveniles; and
  6. supports efforts to re-categorize rent-to-own defaults as a civil offense.
1. Capital punishment
2. Bail reform
3. Raise the age
4. State jail felonies