Restorative Justice

In response to crime, we seek mercy in order to achieve restitution, protect the common good, deter offenses, and rehabilitate offenders.


In response to crime, the state has primary responsibility to uphold justice, with the goals of achieving restitution, protecting the common good, deterring offenses, and rehabilitating offenders. However, our state struggles with overincarceration and overcriminalization, which have arisen from the hardness that so often accompanies all earthly justice. Therefore, the TCCB seeks mercy in order to help the state achieve the goals listed above.

We publish brief summaries of the specific reforms in state law that we seek. Learn more below.

Death Penalty

We call upon Texas to protect society in a way that recognizes the dignity of every person; for this reason, we oppose capital punishment.

Bail Reform

About 60 percent of Texas prisoners have not received a trial. Pre-trial detention should be used to protect our communities, not imprison the poor.

State Jails

About two-thirds of prisoners released from Texas State Jails are re-arrested in 3 years. We can do more to uphold justice and discourage crime.

Raise the Age

Under current Texas law, adult criminal responsibility begins at 17 years old; we support raising this to 18 years.

Second Look

About 1,300 Texas prisoners were given extreme (40+ years to life) sentences for crimes they committed as a juvenile. Many deserve an opportunity for earlier and more meaningful parole consideration.

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Legislative Agenda

Our work to improve state law is guided by Catholic teaching and statewide ministry.
There are eight topics on our legislative agenda:

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